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Here you will find information about what is happening in our classes as well as around the school. You will also find many activities related to what your children are learning about in class.

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Here is the website link to our Willowbank School knowledge-athon patterns information

PARENT HELP WANTED! We have a lot of odd jobs around the classroom that we would love some help with! Please let your child's classroom teacher know if you are interested!

Meet room 11's class toy; Gary the Gorilla.

Gary comes home with a different child every Friday, he comes with a book bag with a writing book in side. This gives your child an opportunity to practice their writing and tell us what they get up to with Gary over the weekend.
Meet Henry the Room 16 monsterDSC04871.jpg

Henry comes home with the star student of the day, he comes with a book bag and a writing book. This gives your child a chance to share their writing with the class the following day on what they got up to with Henry. Henry goes home on week days and also on Friday's for the weekend.


Room 11s library time is Wednesday.
Room 16s library time is Tuesday.

Please make sure your child brings their library books back to school on these days so they can be issued with a new one.

Videos you may have heard about:

Our Awhina colours
Kakapo - Green
Tuatara - Orange
Pekapeka - Purple
Hoiho - White
Kereru - Red
Whio - Blue
Kea - Yellow
Takahe - Lime Green

If you have any questions please feel free to come see us. We are often in meetings straight after school, however, you can usually find us in the classroom from 8:30am. Alternatively you can email us.

Emma Clark - eclark@willowbank.school.nz
Larissa Dobson - ldobson@willowbank.school.nz

School Opening Hours
Although children are welcome to enter the school grounds from 8am, teachers are not in their classrooms until 8.30am so children in the grounds before this time are unsupervised. SKIDS provide a comprehensive before and after school care programme for children who require supervision outside of school hours. Please contact Clare Williams on 021 702 498 for further information.

SUPERSTARS is a new before and after school care programme that has just started, you can contact them on 0800 212 279 for information and enrolling your child. Pamphlets are also available at the school office.

Healthy Eating

A healthy morning tea and lunch are very important for healthy minds and bodies. However we have noticed over the last week or so that a small number of children are bringing sugary snacks like cakes, lollies and chocolate bars to school in their lunch boxes. These food items are best left at home and eaten as a one off treat, particularly lollies and chocolate.

A healthy lunch box needs to give children enough energy to fuel their body and brain for the 5 or 6 hours that they are at school. To provide everything a child needs for energy and growth, check you have something from each of these groups:

  • Energy Food - bread, crackers, pasta, rice;
  • Sustaining Food - cheese, milk, yoghurt, lean meat;
  • Fruit & Vegetables;
  • A treat food - opt for healthier options.

PLUS, don’t forget the water (not fruit juice, fizzy drink or flavoured water); children need to stay hydrated throughout the day!

Information provided by: http://www.yumyumkids.co.nz/articles/Easy+Lunch+Box+Ideas.html

Bell Times
Our classes start at 8.55am. All children are expected to be in their classrooms, prepared for the day prior to the first bell. This preparation is extremely important as it ensures children have organised themselves for the day, have met with friends and have spoken with their class teacher. Children arriving late to school often interrupt the learning of others as they rush to join in with the classroom programme.

ZeroWaste School
As a ‘ZeroWaste’ school we ask that children take all lunch wrappers home with them in their lunchbox. We usually provide bins for food waste and plastics, however our worm bin has collapsed under the pressure so we now need to purchase a couple of new ones. In the meantime children will need to take all food scraps home with them. A good way to cut down on landfill waste is for children to bring their lunches in re-usable plastic containers or zip-lock bags instead of plastic wraps.